Does Aromatherapy Work for Confusion Pokemon Moon

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. In the world of Pokemon Moon, confusion is a status condition that affects a Pokemon’s ability to attack or defend itself effectively during battles.

The question “does aromatherapy work for confusion Pokemon Moon” arises as trainers seek effective methods to manage this status condition. This article aims to explore the potential benefits of using aromatherapy in the context of Pokemon Moon battles to address confusion and optimize gameplay.

Confusion in Pokemon Moon is a debilitating status condition that can significantly hinder a Pokemon’s performance in battle. When a Pokemon is confused, there is a chance that it may hurt itself instead of executing its intended move. This can be frustrating for trainers and may lead to unfavorable outcomes in battles. Understanding the mechanics of confusion and how to effectively deal with it is crucial for success in the game.

Aromatherapy, as practiced in the real world, involves the use of essential oils and other aromatic compounds for therapeutic purposes. In the context of Pokemon Moon, aromatherapy serves as a move that certain Pokemon can learn to cure themselves and their teammates from various status conditions, including confusion. The potential synergy between real-world aromatherapy practices and its application within the game presents an interesting avenue for exploration and analysis.

Understanding Confusion in Pokemon Moon

Confusion in Pokemon Moon is a status condition that can significantly affect gameplay during battles. When a Pokemon is confused, it has a chance of hurting itself instead of executing the intended move. This can be frustrating for players, especially when they are trying to strategize and win battles. Understanding how confusion works and how to effectively deal with it is crucial for success in the game.

Effects of Confusion

When a Pokemon is confused, it has a 50% chance of hitting itself in its confusion instead of obeying its trainer’s command. This can lead to significant damage and even the knockout of the confused Pokemon. Additionally, confusion can disrupt battle plans and leave players at a disadvantage if not addressed promptly.

Dealing With Confusion

There are several strategies to deal with confusion in Pokemon Moon. One approach is to use items such as Full Heal or Persim Berry to cure the status condition, allowing the affected Pokemon to regain control and execute its moves effectively. Another option is to switch out the confused Pokemon for another team member who is not affected by confusion, giving players the opportunity to regroup and strategize accordingly.

Understanding the mechanics and implications of confusion in Pokemon Moon is essential for players who want to succeed in battles. With proper knowledge and strategic planning, players can effectively navigate through the challenges posed by confusion and emerge victorious in their encounters. However, there may be alternative methods such as using aromatherapy that are worth exploring for addressing this status condition effectively does aromatherapy work for confusion pokemon moon?


In the game Pokemon Moon, confusion is a status condition that causes a Pokemon to hurt itself in its confusion while attacking. This status condition lasts for 2-5 turns on average and can be quite disruptive during battles. Aromatherapy functions as a healing move in the game that can cure all status conditions from the entire party of Pokemon within battle.

While aromatherapy is commonly associated with relaxation and stress relief in real-world applications, it serves as a restorative move for battling Pokemon and their trainers in Pokemon Moon. The aromatic healing properties of essential oils are harnessed through this move to relieve confusion and other status conditions for your team of Pokemon.

Aromatherapy BenefitsIn-Game Application
Relieves stress and anxietyStep-by-step guide on how to use aromatherapy in battles
Promotes relaxation and well-beingTips for optimizing the use of aromatherapy for confusion
Improves mental clarity and focusDescription of how each type of oil can potentially help with confusion

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Confusion in Pokemon Moon

Aromatherapy has been a popular alternative medicine practice for centuries, known for its potential to promote relaxation and overall well-being. But does aromatherapy work for confusion in Pokemon Moon? Research suggests that aromatherapy may indeed have benefits for managing confusion status in the game. Let’s explore some of the potential advantages of using aromatherapy for confusion in Pokemon Moon.

How to Use Aromatherapy to Reduce Stress

1. Aromatherapy as a calming agent: Many essential oils used in aromatherapy, such as lavender and chamomile, are known for their calming properties. In the context of Pokemon Moon, using aromatherapy can potentially help soothe a confused Pokemon, allowing it to regain its focus and perform better in battles.

2. Natural stress relief: When a Pokemon is confused, it may become agitated and less responsive during battle. Aromatherapy oils like bergamot and ylang-ylang are believed to have stress-relieving effects, which could help alleviate the impact of confusion status on a Pokemon’s performance.

3. Psychological support: Aromatherapy is often used to support mental clarity and reduce mental fog in humans. Similarly, using aromatherapy in Pokemon Moon may provide psychological support to confused Pokemon, helping them snap out of their dazed state and function more effectively in battles.

These potential benefits highlight the intriguing possibility of incorporating aromatherapy into strategies for managing confusion status in Pokemon Moon battles. While further research is needed to fully understand the extent of aromatherapy’s effectiveness in the game, these initial findings suggest that exploring the use of essential oils may offer advantages for trainers seeking to optimize their Pokemon’s performance while battling confusion status.

Types of Aromatherapy Oils and Their Effects

When it comes to dealing with confusion in Pokemon Moon, aromatherapy can be a helpful tool. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils to promote physical and psychological well-being. In the context of Pokemon Moon, specific types of aromatherapy oils can have different effects on confusion status and overall battle performance. Understanding the types of aromatherapy oils and their potential benefits for confusion in the game is essential for trainers looking to optimize their strategies.

Types of Aromatherapy Oils

There are various types of aromatherapy oils that can potentially help alleviate confusion status in Pokemon Moon battles. Some commonly used essential oils for this purpose include lavender, peppermint, and chamomile. These oils are known for their calming and soothing properties, which may aid in reducing the effects of confusion on a Pokemon during battles.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is often associated with relaxation and stress relief. In the context of Pokemon Moon, using lavender oil in aromatherapy may help soothe a confused Pokemon and reduce its chances of injuring itself due to confusion.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is known for its refreshing and invigorating properties. When used in aromatherapy, peppermint oil may help clear a confused Pokemon’s mind and improve its focus during battles, potentially reducing the duration of confusion status.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is renowned for its calming effects and ability to promote relaxation. Utilizing chamomile oil in aromatherapy could potentially help pacify a confused Pokemon and mitigate the negative impact of confusion on its battle performance.

Understanding the effects of these different types of aromatherapy oils is crucial for trainers seeking to utilize aromatherapy as a strategic advantage when dealing with confusion in Pokemon Moon battles. By incorporating these essential oils into their gameplay tactics, trainers may enhance their ability to effectively manage and overcome the challenges posed by confusion status.

Aromatherapy and Pokemon Moon

In the context of Pokemon Moon, aromatherapy is a move that can be used in battles to cure status conditions such as confusion. When a Pokemon is confused, it may hurt itself in its confusion, which can be detrimental during battles. Aromatherapy can be a crucial move to have in your arsenal to counteract the effects of confusion and keep your Pokemon fighting at their best.

To use aromatherapy in the game, you will need a Pokemon that knows the move. The move can be learned by various grass-type and fairy-type Pokemon through leveling up or breeding. Once your Pokemon knows aromatherapy, you can use it during battles to cure not only its own status conditions but also those of its teammates.

When using aromatherapy in battle, timing is everything. It’s important to assess the situation and determine the most opportune moment to use the move. Whether it’s curing confusion or another status condition like paralysis or sleep, using aromatherapy effectively can turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

Aromatherapy Sprays Diy
Types of Aromatherapy OilsEffects
LavenderCalming and soothing properties; may help reduce stress and anxiety
PeppermintEnergizing and invigorating scent; may help improve focus and concentration
LemonUplifting and refreshing aroma; may help promote mental clarity and alertness

Common Misconceptions About Aromatherapy and Confusion in Pokemon Moon

Aromatherapy has been a subject of discussion among Pokemon Moon players, particularly in relation to its effectiveness for dealing with confusion status in the game. There are several misconceptions about the use of aromatherapy for confusion, and it’s important to address these in order to gain a better understanding of how this healing method can be utilized in battles.

One common misconception is that aromatherapy is not effective for curing confusion in Pokemon Moon. However, this is not entirely true. Aromatherapy can indeed be effective in removing confusion status from a Pokemon during battle. In fact, many experienced trainers have successfully used aromatherapy to clear their Pokemon of confusion and gain an advantage over their opponents.

Another common myth about aromatherapy for confusion in Pokemon Moon is that it takes too long to work. Some players believe that using aromatherapy will consume valuable time during battles, making it an inefficient strategy. However, when used strategically, aromatherapy can actually save time by quickly clearing a Pokemon of confusion and allowing it to resume its attacks without harming itself.

Some players also believe that aromatherapy is only effective for clearing status conditions such as poisoning or paralysis, but not confusion. This misconception stems from a lack of understanding about the versatile nature of aromatherapy. In reality, aromatherapy can effectively remove a wide range of status conditions, including confusion, making it a valuable asset in battles against tricky opponents.

Overall, it’s important to recognize that aromatherapy can indeed work for confusion in Pokemon Moon battles when used thoughtfully and strategically. By dispelling these common misconceptions about the efficacy of aromatherapy for confusion, trainers can make more informed decisions about incorporating this healing technique into their gameplay strategies.


In conclusion, the effectiveness of aromatherapy for confusion in Pokemon Moon is a topic of much debate. While aromatherapy has shown to have potential benefits in the real world, its application in the context of the game is still up for question. Throughout this article, we have delved into the details of what aromatherapy is and how it can potentially help with confusion status in Pokemon Moon.

It is important to understand that confusion in Pokemon Moon can be a major obstacle during battles, affecting a Pokemon’s ability to perform its best. However, while aromatherapy may seem like a promising solution, it does not guarantee success in curing confusion all the time. Factors such as timing and the specific type of aromatherapy oil used can greatly impact its effectiveness in the game.

Ultimately, the decision to use aromatherapy for confusion in Pokemon Moon should be based on experimentation and experience. As with any strategy or technique in the game, finding what works best for individual playstyles and team compositions is key. Whether it’s through trial and error or through consulting with other players, discovering the true verdict on aromatherapy for confusion will depend on personal gameplay and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Heal Confusion in Pokémon?

In Pokmon, confusion can be healed using specific items such as a Full Heal, Lava Cookie, or a Lum Berry. These items can be used during battle to heal a confused Pokmon and restore its clarity.

Is Aromatherapy Worth It Pokémon?

Aromatherapy can be worth it in Pokmon, especially in battles where status conditions are prevalent. It is a move that allows a Pokmon to heal itself and its teammates from any major status conditions like paralysis, poison, burn, freeze, and sleep.

What Does Aromatherapy Pokémon Do?

Aromatherapy in Pokmon is a non-damaging Grass-type move that cures all major status conditions (sleep, poison, burn, paralyze, freeze) of the user’s party Pokmon. This move can be particularly helpful in double battles or when facing opponents who heavily rely on inflicting status conditions on your team.

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