Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil

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Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil Real Customer Experiences

From calming lavender and rosemary, to uplifting citrus and mint – customers attest to the exquisite fragrances and the absolute relaxation that Dr.Hauschka’s bath oil provides. Ease away stress and tension with a few drops of this special blend of essential oils that are perfectly balanced with natural plant extracts. Customers have reported that their skin feels soft, supple and hydrated for several days afterwards – proving how effective this bath oil really is!

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Cost and Availability: Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil is available from select retailers, as well as on their official website. The standard price range is between $25 – $45.

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For similar products from other brands, try Aromaland’s Sweet Almond Oil for a luxurious bath time experience or badger Bath Oil with Lavender Essential Oil for natural stress relief.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative, try one of the many DIY aromatherapy bath oil recipes which can be easily found online. Some popular recipes include rosemary and thyme essential oils with olive oil and apricot kernel oil – both of which can be bought cheaply in most health food stores. Another homemade option is sea salt and clary sage scented oils combined with almond or jojoba oil.

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Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil is an intricately blended mixture of high-quality natural ingredients, made from a combination of carefully chosen essential oils and herbal extracts. The philosophy behind the product is to support and nurture a feeling of wellbeing through an aromatic bathing experience.

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The idea for the bath oil was pioneered by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka back in 1967 when he first observed how elderly people in his neighborhood were using simple aromatic herbal tea baths to soothe their skin, and ease their mental fatigue. He soon realised the medicinal potential of these kind of treatments and began experimenting with new formulas. After several years of painstaking experimentation and refinement, Dr. Hauschka perfected his aromatherapy bath oil recipe; combining plant extracts, essential oils and herbal infusions that ultimately heralded a new era in natural body care products.

Following its release onto the market, Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil quickly become an international success story, providing customers with the relaxation they sought after after a long day – both physically and mentally. Today, the traditional recipe remains almost unchanged since original production – just as Dr. Hauschka intended; allowing customers to enjoy its unique benefits from one generation to the next without compromise on quality or efficacy.

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How to Create an Aromatic Home Spa Experience

Bring your home spa dreams to life and create a luxurious, restorative and relaxing environment for time away from the stresses of everyday life. With Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil, you can craft the perfect ambiance for a home spa day.

Start with the perfect accessories. Treat yourself to new fluffy towels, a cozy robe, an eye mask, bath salts and some comfortable slippers. You’ll also need your favorite cup for tea or hot chocolate! Preparing the foam bubble bath is essential too – make sure to choose one free of chemicals and irritants.

Innogear 500Ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Light some aromatherapy candles. Choose calming scents like sandalwood, lavender or frankincense to ease tension and alleviate stress while bathing in luxury. Space out several small candles around your bathroom – preferably far enough away from running water – and let their warm glow set the tone.

Create a soothing soundtrack by playing some peaceful music on your phone or computer that resonates with you personally. Search online albums specifically made for relaxation music – this will help you escape into your own world right at home! Be sure to keep it at a low volume so it serves as accentuation rather than distraction for your scented oil’s therapeutic benefits.

Finally, add one or two drops of Dr Hauschka’s Aromatherapy Bath Oil into the filled bathtub – let its distillations of medicinal herbs, fruit extracts, roots and essential oils do their work on releasing muscle tension. Get ready to relax! Enjoy this special moment you created just for yourself before drying off in one of those fluffy towels you treated yourself to earlier!

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