How Much Is Aromatherapy at Massage Envy

Are you considering trying aromatherapy at Massage Envy but not sure about the cost? You’re in the right place. Aromatherapy is a popular add-on service at Massage Envy, with many benefits for both the body and mind. In this article, we will explore the world of aromatherapy at Massage Envy and provide you with all the information you need to know about its pricing, options, and customization.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries as a holistic healing treatment, using natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. At Massage Envy, aromatherapy is incorporated into massage sessions to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall mood. But how much does aromatherapy cost at Massage Envy? We’ll dive into that question in more detail later in this article.

In addition to understanding the benefits of aromatherapy, we will also explore the different essential oils used in aromatherapy sessions and the various massage options available at Massage Envy. Whether you are looking for a customized experience or simply want to learn more about aromatherapy pricing, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get started on your journey to discover the value of aromatherapy at Massage Envy.

Understanding Aromatherapy

When it comes to aromatherapy, the use of essential oils is essential. These oils are derived from various plants, flowers, and herbs, and each oil boasts its own unique properties and benefits. At Massage Envy, the use of essential oils is a key component of the aromatherapy experience, with each oil carefully selected to enhance relaxation, alleviate stress, and promote overall well-being.

Popular Essential Oils Used in Aromatherapy Sessions

Some of the popular essential oils used in aromatherapy sessions at Massage Envy include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and chamomile. Each of these oils has distinct aromas and therapeutic properties. For example, lavender is known for its calming and soothing effects, making it ideal for reducing anxiety and promoting better sleep. On the other hand, eucalyptus is often used for its refreshing and invigorating scent, which can help clear respiratory issues and provide relief from congestion.

Custom Blends

In addition to individual essential oils, Massage Envy also offers custom blends created from a combination of different oils. These blends are carefully curated to target specific concerns such as muscle tension or mental fatigue. By combining the right essential oils, therapists at Massage Envy can create a personalized aromatherapy experience tailored to each client’s needs.

Benefits of Using Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

The use of essential oils in aromatherapy sessions can offer numerous benefits such as stress relief, improved mood, enhanced relaxation, and even physical pain relief. The careful selection and expert application of these oils during massages can amplify the overall therapeutic effects of the massage therapy session. This attention to detail is one reason why many clients choose to indulge in aromatherapy services at Massage Envy as a way to enhance their well-being through natural means.

Aromatherapy Massage Options at Massage Envy

At Massage Envy, there are several options for aromatherapy massage services, each tailored to meet different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to relax, revitalize, or relieve tension, there’s an aromatherapy massage option that’s perfect for you.

Aromatherapy Enhancements

Massage Envy offers a variety of aromatherapy enhancements that can be added to any massage session for an additional cost. These enhancements include the option to choose from different essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint to customize your experience. The use of these essential oils during your massage can enhance relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety, and help alleviate muscle pain.

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AromaTherapy Stress Relief Massage

The AromaTherapy Stress Relief Massage at Massage Envy is designed to target stress and tension in the body using specific essential oil blends combined with therapeutic massage techniques. This custom blend of aromatherapy oils is created to help calm the mind and promote a sense of well-being while releasing built-up tension in muscles.

AromaTherapy Revitalizing Massage

If you’re looking to boost your energy level and feel revitalized, the AromaTherapy Revitalizing Massage at Massage Envy might be the perfect choice for you. This invigorating massage uses a signature blend of essential oils aimed at increasing alertness and mental clarity while reducing muscle fatigue and tension.

During these customized massages, a licensed massage therapist will work with you to determine which essential oil blends will best suit your individual needs. The additional cost for Aromatherapy services at Massage Envy varies based on location and specific offerings but generally ranges from $10-$20 per session.


Aromatherapy at Massage Envy is a great way to enhance your massage experience and promote overall wellness. If you’re wondering how much aromatherapy costs at Massage Envy, it’s important to consider the various factors that can affect the pricing.

Here’s a breakdown of the pricing for aromatherapy at Massage Envy:

  • Aromatherapy Add-On: The cost of adding aromatherapy to your massage session at Massage Envy typically ranges from $10 to $15. This add-on includes the use of essential oils specifically designed to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and improve overall well-being during your massage.
  • Aromatherapy Enhanced Therapies: If you’re interested in more extensive aromatherapy treatments, such as the AromaTherapy Enhanced or Deep Muscle Therapy Enhanced massages, the cost may vary depending on the specific enhancements included in the treatment. Prices for these enhanced therapies can range from $90 to $150 per session.
  • Membership Benefits: For members of Massage Envy, there may be special pricing options and discounts available for aromatherapy services. Be sure to inquire about member benefits and promotions when scheduling your appointment.

Overall, considering the many benefits of aromatherapy and its ability to elevate your massage experience, the cost of adding aromatherapy at Massage Envy is relatively affordable. With a range of options available, you can find a service that fits your budget while enjoying the therapeutic effects of essential oils during your massage.

Whether you’re looking for a simple add-on or a more comprehensive aromatherapy-enhanced massage, there are options to suit different preferences and budgets at Massage Envy. Don’t hesitate to ask about any current promotions or membership discounts when booking your aromatherapy session.

Add-on Services

When considering the cost of aromatherapy at Massage Envy, it’s important to understand that the pricing may vary depending on several factors. The price can be affected by the location of the Massage Envy franchise, the specific aromatherapy service chosen, and whether you are a member or non-member.

For non-members, the price range for a 60-minute aromatherapy session at Massage Envy is typically between $90 to $120. However, becoming a member can significantly reduce the cost of aromatherapy sessions. Memberships usually involve a monthly fee, which includes one massage session per month at a discounted rate. At certain locations, members can add aromatherapy to their massage session for an additional fee ranging from $10 to $20.

Another factor that may affect pricing is the type of essential oil used during the aromatherapy session. Some essential oils are more expensive than others due to their rarity or complexity in production. It’s common for Massage Envy to offer a selection of essential oils for clients to choose from, with some options possibly incurring an extra charge.

In summary, while there is no fixed price for aromatherapy at Massage Envy and the exact cost may vary based on different elements as membership status and location, clients can expect to pay approximately $90 to $120 for a 60-minute session without being a member.

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MembershipPricing Range
Non-Member$90 – $120
Member Add-on$10 – $20 (in addition to monthly membership fee)

Choosing the Right Essential Oils

When considering incorporating aromatherapy into your massage session at Massage Envy, it’s important to understand the pricing for this add-on service. The cost of aromatherapy at Massage Envy can vary depending on the location and type of massage you choose. On average, the price for adding aromatherapy to your massage session ranges from $10 to $15.

At Massage Envy, you have the option to customize your aromatherapy experience by choosing from a selection of essential oils. Whether you’re looking for relaxation, stress relief, or an energy boost, there are different essential oils available to enhance your massage experience. Typically, each essential oil blend used in aromatherapy has its own unique benefits and properties. Some popular essential oils used in aromatherapy include lavender for relaxation, peppermint for energy and focus, and eucalyptus for respiratory support.

Massage Envy LocationAromatherapy Add-on Cost
New York City$15
Los Angeles$12

Adding aromatherapy to your massage at Massage Envy can be a worthwhile investment in enhancing your overall wellness experience. Before scheduling your appointment, be sure to inquire about the specific cost and options available at your local Massage Envy location.


In conclusion, the value of aromatherapy at Massage Envy cannot be overstated. The benefits of using essential oils in conjunction with massage therapy have been proven to enhance relaxation, reduce stress, and alleviate various physical and mental ailments. Whether you opt for a calming lavender or a refreshing eucalyptus scent, the customization options available at Massage Envy ensure that you get the most out of your aromatherapy experience.

As for the pricing of aromatherapy at Massage Envy, it is important to note that the cost may vary depending on the specific services and add-ons you choose. However, the investment in your well-being is well worth it given the positive effects that aromatherapy can have on your overall health. Additionally, by incorporating add-on services such as hot stone therapy or exfoliating foot scrubs, you can further elevate your aromatherapy experience and increase its therapeutic benefits.

Ultimately, whether you are seeking relief from muscle tension and pain or simply looking to relax and unwind, aromatherapy at Massage Envy offers a holistic approach to wellness that addresses both physical and emotional well-being. So if you find yourself asking “how much is aromatherapy at Massage Envy,” consider the immense value that this therapeutic practice can bring to your life.

Experience it for yourself and discover the transformative power of aromatherapy in enhancing your massage therapy sessions at Massage Envy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aromatherapy Include Massage?

Aromatherapy can be included in a massage session, but it is not always a standard practice. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils to enhance the massage experience and promote relaxation.

What Is a Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage?

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Massage typically involves the use of a personalized blend of essential oils, chosen based on the client’s needs and preferences. This type of massage aims to provide both physical and mental relaxation through the use of aromatherapy.

Should I Tip at Massage Envy?

Tipping at Massage Envy or any other spa or massage facility is generally considered appropriate. It is customary to tip your massage therapist as a gesture of appreciation for their service, typically around 15-20% of the total cost of the massage.

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