When Does Chansey Learn Aromatherapy

The world of Pokémon is filled with fascinating creatures and unique abilities, and one such ability is the art of healing through aromatherapy. In Pokémon battles, a well-timed use of healing moves can turn the tide in your favor, and there’s no better Pokémon for this task than Chansey. Chansey, with its caring nature and powerful healing abilities, has become a popular choice among trainers seeking to provide support and restore their team’s health.

Aromatherapy, as a form of natural healing, has gained popularity in recent years as people seek alternative methods for self-care. In the Pokémon world, this same concept applies. Aromatherapy is a move that allows Chansey to release soothing scents into the air to heal its allies’ status conditions and restore their HP. This makes Chansey an invaluable asset on any team, offering support to fellow Pokémon during battles or aiding in their recovery outside of battle.

The power of aromatherapy lies in its ability to invoke a sense of relaxation and restoration, providing a much-needed boost to both physical and mental well-being. Trainers who incorporate Chansey into their teams understand the importance of harnessing this healing power during intense battles or when visiting Pokémon Centers. With its gentle demeanor and altruistic nature, Chansey becomes a trusted companion on many trainers’ journeys as they explore the therapeutic possibilities of aromatherapy in the world of Pokémon.

What is Aromatherapy? Exploring the Benefits and Mechanism

Aromatherapy is a healing technique that utilizes the power of scents and essential oils to promote physical and emotional well-being. This holistic approach has found its way into the world of Pokemon, where certain species possess the ability to perform healing moves like Aromatherapy. In this section, we will explore the benefits and mechanism of aromatherapy in Pokemon battles.

The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy offers several benefits in Pokemon battles by providing healing and support to the team. One of the main advantages is its ability to restore HP (Hit Points) to all Pokémon in play, making it a valuable move for maintaining stamina during long and intense battles. Additionally, Aromatherapy can cure status conditions such as burns, poison, paralysis, sleep, and freeze. This makes it an invaluable tool for countering opponents who rely on these strategies.

Furthermore, aromatherapy has emotional benefits for both the user and their teammates. The soothing scents emitted during the move have a calming effect on all Pokémon present on the battlefield. This can reduce stress levels and improve overall focus, allowing trainers to make better decisions in battle.

The Mechanism of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy works by harnessing the power of scent-based energy. When a Pokémon uses Aromatherapy, it releases harmonious fragrances that permeate throughout the battlefield. These scents have a direct influence on both physical states and emotions, restoring HP and curing status conditions.

The key behind this mechanism lies in how scent energy interacts with each individual Pokémon’s natural energy field or aura. The aromatic molecules emitted by the user align themselves with specific energies within each teammate’s aura, facilitating the healing process on a cellular level. As a result, any negative energy or impurities are replaced by positive vibrations that contribute to overall well-being.

By understanding both the benefits and the underlying mechanism of aromatherapy, trainers can fully utilize this powerful move in their battles. Whether it’s healing Pokemon and curing status conditions or boosting emotional well-being, aromatherapy proves to be an invaluable asset to any team. Now, let us delve deeper into how a specific Pokemon, Chansey, learns and applies this unique move.

Meet Chansey

Chansey is a Pokémon known for its kind and nurturing nature, as well as its incredible healing abilities. This section will explore the unique characteristics of Chansey that make it such a valuable asset in any Trainer’s team.

The Origins of Chansey

Chansey is a Normal-type Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation I of the Pokémon games. It is known for its egg-shaped body, pink coloration, and always carrying an egg in its pouch. Its design embodies love and care, which is reflected in its gentle temperament and desire to help others.

Nurturing Abilities

One of Chansey’s most remarkable features is its ability to heal the wounds and ailments of other Pokémon. It possesses an exclusive move called “Aromatherapy,” which releases a soothing aroma that can alleviate status conditions such as burns, paralysis, poison, and more. This move not only makes Chansey an excellent support Pokémon during battles but also plays a crucial role in healing injured or sick Pokémon outside of battles.

In addition to Aromatherapy, Chansey’s high HP stat allows it to absorb damage efficiently. With access to moves like Soft-Boiled – a self-healing move – Chansey can sustain itself on the battlefield while attending to the needs of its teammates. Its caring nature extends beyond healing moves; Chansey often goes out of its way to ensure the happiness and wellbeing of other Pokémon, making it a valuable companion both inside and outside of battle.

Caring Personality

Aside from its extraordinary healing abilities, Chansey has gained popularity among Trainers due to its incredibly loving and compassionate character. It is always willing to lend an ear or provide comfort to those who need it. When around injured or upset Pokémon, Chansey can sense their distress and instinctively offers physical touch or soothing sounds to console them.

With their warm-hearted disposition and healing abilities, Chansey’s presence brings a sense of comfort and well-being to any Pokémon team. Whether performing vital healing tasks during battles or acting as a compassionate companion outside of them, Chansey truly embodies the essence of love and care in the Pokémon world.

Chansey’s Evolutionary Journey

Chansey, the loving Pokemon known for its healing abilities, goes through an evolutionary journey in order to learn new moves. As a trainer, it is important to understand these stages so that you can effectively teach Chansey the move Aromatherapy.

Firstly, Chansey starts as a basic form called Happiny. At this stage, Happiny does not naturally learn Aromatherapy but instead learns moves such as Copycat and Charm. In order to progress to the next stage and have the opportunity to learn Aromatherapy, Happiny needs to gain enough friendship with its trainer. Friendship can be built by spending time with Happiny, battling together, and using items such as vitamins or a Soothe Bell.

Once Happiny reaches a high level of friendship with its trainer, it will evolve into Chansey. This evolution unlocks the potential for Chansey to learn a wider variety of moves, including Aromatherapy. However, even though Chansey now has access to the move pool that includes Aromatherapy, it does not automatically know this move. It still needs guidance from its trainer to learn new moves.

To teach Chansey Aromatherapy specifically, trainers must be patient and consistent in their training efforts. One strategy is to use TMs or Technical Machines that contain the move Aromatherapy. These TMs can be found throughout the Pokemon world or purchased from certain vendors. By using a TM on Chansey, trainers can effectively teach it Aromatherapy without waiting for a specific level.

Another approach is to wait until Chansey reaches a certain level where it would naturally learn Aromatherapy on its own. In some generations of Pokemon games, Chansey typically learns Aromatherapy at around level 47-49. By allowing Chansey to reach this level through regular battles and experience gain, trainers can ensure that their Pokemon learns Aromatherapy without the need for a TM.

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In summary, Chansey’s evolutionary journey involves going from Happiny to Chansey while building friendship with its trainer. To teach Chansey Aromatherapy, trainers can utilize TMs or wait until it reaches the appropriate level. Understanding these stages is crucial in maximizing Chansey’s healing potential and utilizing Aromatherapy effectively in battles and beyond.

At What Level Does Chansey Typically Learn Aromatherapy?

Learning Moves by Level-Up

In the world of Pokémon, each species has its own set of moves that it can learn as it levels up. These moves are usually acquired at specific levels, allowing Pokémon to gradually gain new abilities and strengthen their arsenal of attacks. For Chansey, a widely beloved Pokémon known for its healing abilities, one move in particular stands out: Aromatherapy.

The Search for the Perfect Level

Chansey is known to possess an affinity for healing moves, making it a popular choice for Trainers seeking a reliable support Pokémon. Many Trainers wonder at what level Chansey typically learns Aromatherapy, eager to harness the full potential of this mesmerizing healing technique. The answer lies in careful observation and strategic planning.

As part of Chansey’s evolutionary journey, it begins as a Happiny, a pre-evolved form that does not naturally learn Aromatherapy. However, once Happiny evolves into Chansey through friendship and leveling up during the daytime, it gains access to this invaluable move. The level at which Chansey typically learns Aromatherapy is 60.

Unlocking Chansey’s Healing Potential

For Trainers aiming to have a powerful healer on their team as early as possible, there are several strategies they can employ to teach Chansey Aromatherapy sooner. One approach involves using Rare Candies or experience-boosting items to rapidly level up Happiny and evolve it into Chansey closer to the desired level threshold.

Another option is finding wild Chanseys with higher levels that already know Aromatherapy. By capturing these higher-level Chanseys or trading with other Trainers who have them available, players can expedite the process of obtaining a fully evolved and capable healer on their team.

By understanding when Chansey typically learns Aromatherapy and employing effective strategies, Trainers can maximize their Pokémon’s healing potential and enhance their overall battle strategy. With Aromatherapy in its repertoire, Chansey becomes an indispensable asset in any team, providing essential support and ensuring the health and well-being of its fellow Pokémon.

Finding the Perfect Timing

Teaching Chansey the move Aromatherapy can greatly enhance its healing abilities during battles in the world of Pokemon. However, finding the perfect timing to teach Chansey this move is crucial for optimal effectiveness. Here are some strategies to consider when teaching Chansey Aromatherapy:

  1. Level Up: Chansey typically learns Aromatherapy at level As a player, one strategy is to focus on leveling up Chansey until it reaches this level. This ensures that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to teach it Aromatherapy and maximize its healing potential.
  2. Move Reminder: In certain games, there may be Move Rememberer NPCs who can help in teaching Chansey Aromatherapy even if it has passed level 54 without learning the move naturally. Check if there is a Move Rememberer in your game and consult with them to teach Chansey Aromatherapy.
  3. Breeding: Another strategy is to breed a Chansey that already knows Aromatherapy with another compatible Pokemon species that can pass down the move through breeding. This allows you to obtain a new Chansey with Aromatherapy at an earlier level, making it easier for you to train and utilize its healing abilities.

It’s important to note that the specific methods mentioned above may vary depending on the Pokemon game version you are playing. Consulting online forums or guides specific to your game version can provide additional information and strategies for teaching Chansey Aromatherapy.

Level UpChansey learns Aromatherapy at level 54
Move Reminder NPCIn certain games, NPCs known as Move Rememberers can teach Chansey Aromatherapy
BreedingBreed a Chansey with Aromatherapy with another compatible Pokemon species to obtain a new Chansey with the move at an earlier level

Aromatherapy Alternatives

Aromatherapy is a valuable move for any Chansey looking to provide healing support in battles. However, there are other moves that can also be beneficial in similar situations. In this section, we will explore some alternative healing moves that Chansey can learn.

  1. Soft-Boiled: This move allows Chansey to restore its own HP by sacrificing a portion of its own health. Soft-Boiled can be a great option when Chansey needs a quick self-heal during battles. It is learned naturally by Chansey at level 12 and can also be taught through TMs and HMs.
  2. Heal Bell: As the name suggests, Heal Bell is a move that can heal status conditions such as paralysis, sleep, poison, and more for the entire team. This move not only provides healing but also eliminates debilitating effects on multiple Pokémon simultaneously. Chansey learns Heal Bell at level 39, making it an important move for support in battles or during challenging encounters.
  3. Wish: Wish is another excellent healing move that allows Chansey to recover its own health or transfer the recovery to an ally Pokémon of your choice during the next turn. This move comes in handy when you want to provide healing for another Pokémon without switching them out of battle. Wish is learned by Chansey at level 49 and can prove to be a game-changer in critical situations.

By incorporating these alternative healing moves into your Chansey’s moveset, you can enhance its healing capabilities and versatility during battles. Each move has its own unique advantages, from self-healing with Soft-Boiled to providing team-wide relief with Heal Bell or granting wishes with Wish.

As you strategize and train your Chansey, consider experimenting with different combinations of these moves based on your team composition and battle scenarios. Don’t limit yourself solely to Aromatherapy – take advantage of all the diverse healing options available to maximize the effectiveness of your Chansey in battles.

The Effectiveness of Aromatherapy in Battles

Aromatherapy is not just a healing move for Chansey, but it also plays a crucial role in battles. Chansey’s ability to learn Aromatherapy makes it an essential team member for trainers looking to have a well-rounded and supportive lineup. Aromatherapy has the power to heal status conditions of not only Chansey but also its teammates, making it a valuable move in competitive battles.

One of the key benefits of Aromatherapy is its ability to cure status conditions such as burn, poison, paralysis, sleep, and freeze. These conditions can greatly hinder a Pokémon’s performance in battle by decreasing their stats or preventing them from attacking altogether. With Aromatherapy, Chansey can quickly restore its own health and remove these debilitating conditions from its teammates, ensuring that they can continue fighting at full strength.

In addition to healing status conditions, Aromatherapy also has the added benefit of removing entry hazards from the battlefield. Entry hazards such as Stealth Rock or Spikes can deal damage to Pokémon each time they switch into battle, gradually wearing down their health over time. By using Aromatherapy, Chansey can eliminate these hazards and preserve the health of the team.

To fully utilize the effectiveness of Aromatherapy in battles, trainers should consider equipping Chansey with an item like Leftovers or Eviolite. Leftovers allows Chansey to recover a small amount of health every turn, further enhancing its supportive role on the team. Eviolite boosts Chansey’s already impressive defensive stats when it is not fully evolved yet.

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Overall, with its ability to heal status conditions and remove entry hazards, Chansey’s Aromatherapy move proves invaluable in battles. It provides support not only to itself but also to its teammates by ensuring they stay healthy and ready for action. Trainers who understand how to maximize the effectiveness of this move will find themselves with a formidable team capable of overcoming challenging opponents.

Applications Beyond Battles

Aromatherapy is not only beneficial in battles, but it also plays a crucial role in Pokemon Centers. These centers are essential hubs for trainers to heal their injured and exhausted Pokémon after intense battles. Aromatherapy offers a natural and soothing method to accelerate the healing process and restore their Pokémon’s energy.

In Pokemon Centers, trained Chansey often take on the responsibility of providing healing care to other Pokémon. With their nurturing nature and ability to learn Aromatherapy, Chansey becomes a valuable asset in these facilities. By using this move, they can release a pleasant aroma that has calming effects on other Pokémon, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. This process aids in the recovery of physical injuries as well as mental fatigue.

Moreover, Chansey’s Aromatherapy move provides relief from status conditions such as sleep, toxic poison, paralysis, and burn. When a Pokémon is afflicted by one of these conditions, the aroma released by Chansey helps alleviate the negative effects and hasten their recovery. It is particularly useful when treating multiple Pokémon at once or during emergency situations where rapid healing is required.

Pokémon Centers often have dedicated rooms where trainers can bring their injured or ill Pokémon for specialized care. These rooms are equipped with soft bedding for comfort and tranquility. Trained Chansey use their Aromatherapy move to fill these rooms with an invigorating scent that promotes restful sleep and aids in the overall healing process. This calming atmosphere enhances the sense of well-being for both injured Pokémon and worried trainers.

Aromatherapy EffectsUsage
Accelerates healing processAfter battles or injuries
Promotes relaxationIn Pokemon Centers
Reduces stress levelsIn Pokemon Centers
Relieves status conditionsDuring battles or emergency situations
Aids in restful sleepIn dedicated healing rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will address some common questions that trainers may have regarding Chansey’s Aromatherapy move. Understanding the ins and outs of this healing technique can greatly enhance your strategy in battles and improve the care you provide for your Pokémon. So let’s dive in.

  1. What is Aromatherapy and how does it work?
  2. Aromatherapy is a move that allows a Pokémon to release a soothing aroma that has healing properties. When used, it restores the HP (hit points) of the user and its allies while also curing them of any status conditions such as paralysis, poison, or sleep. This makes it a valuable move during both battles and post-battle recovery.

  3. At what level does Chansey typically learn Aromatherapy?
  4. Chansey naturally learns Aromatherapy at level 36. This means that once Chansey reaches this level, it will automatically add Aromatherapy to its moveset. However, if you have a higher-leveled Chansey and want to teach it Aromatherapy earlier, there are alternative methods to consider.

  5. How can I teach Chansey Aromatherapy before level 36?
  6. If you wish to teach Chansey Aromatherapy before it reaches level 36, you have a couple of options. One option is to use a TM (Technical Machine) or TR (Technical Record) with the move Aromatherapy and teach it directly to Chansey. Another option is to breed a Chansey with another Pokémon that already knows Aromatherapy. The offspring will inherit the move from its parent, allowing you to obtain an early-access Chansey with Aromatherapy.

What is Aromatherapy and how does it work?Aromatherapy is a move that restores HP and cures status conditions for the user and its allies.
At what level does Chansey typically learn Aromatherapy?Chansey learns Aromatherapy at level 36.
How can I teach Chansey Aromatherapy before level 36?You can teach it using a TM or TR, or breed it with another Pokémon that already knows Aromatherapy.

Having these answers will equip trainers with the knowledge necessary to utilize Chansey’s Aromatherapy effectively in battles and outside of them.


In conclusion, Chansey’s ability to learn Aromatherapy is a valuable asset in the world of Pokemon. With its nurturing nature and healing abilities, Chansey proves to be an essential partner in battles and a reliable companion in Pokemon Centers. Aromatherapy provides numerous benefits, not only for Chansey but also for its teammates, making it a move worth considering when strategizing for battles.

The journey to teach Chansey Aromatherapy requires careful planning and consideration. Understanding its evolutionary stages and the level at which it typically learns this move is crucial in maximizing its potential. By finding the perfect timing and employing effective strategies, trainers can ensure that Chansey learns Aromatherapy at the optimal point in its development.

It is important to note that while Aromatherapy is a powerful move, there are alternative healing moves that Chansey can also learn. Exploring these alternatives can provide trainers with additional options when building their teams or customizing their battle strategies.

Beyond battles, Aromatherapy has practical applications in Pokemon Centers. Its healing properties can alleviate ailments and provide comfort to injured or sick Pokemon. Trainers should not underestimate the impact of this move outside of battle situations.

In summary, embracing the power of Aromatherapy with Chansey opens up new possibilities in the realm of Pokemon. Whether it is through battling or providing healing support in Pokemon Centers, Chansey’s ability to learn this move makes it an invaluable asset. By understanding its evolutionary journey, exploring alternative moves, and recognizing the wider applications of Aromatherapy beyond battles, trainers can truly harness the full potential of Chansey’s healing abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Aromatherapy on chansey?

Aromatherapy is a move that Chansey can learn through leveling up or by using a TM or TR. To teach Chansey Aromatherapy through leveling up, it needs to reach level 37.

Alternatively, you can use the TM19 or TR15 in various Pokémon games to teach Aromatherapy to Chansey. In some games, you may also find trainers who have a Chansey that already knows Aromatherapy, allowing you to potentially obtain it through battles or trades.

Is Aromatherapy a TM?

No, Aromatherapy is not a TM (Technical Machine). It is actually a natural move that certain Pokémon can learn. In order to teach your Pokémon this move, you would need to follow the methods mentioned earlier, such as leveling up or finding trainers with Pokémon that already know Aromatherapy.

Is Aromatherapy a good move Pokémon?

Aromatherapy is considered to be a highly useful move in the world of Pokémon battles. It has the ability to heal status conditions of all Pokémon on your team when used successfully. As status conditions can greatly hinder your Pokémon’s performance and effectiveness in battle, being able to cure them with one move is advantageous.

This move can prove particularly valuable in battles against opponents who rely heavily on inflicting status conditions upon your team. Additionally, when using strategies involving team support and healing, Aromatherapy can play a vital role in keeping your party in top condition during intense fights.

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